July 21, 2004

WHAT ABOUT THE SOCKS? My emailers, left and right, seem to care a lot. I don't. Fawn Hall's underwear, I care about. Well, at least abstractly, in a 1987 sort of way. Sandy Berger's socks -- no. (I envision the old-fashioned kind, with garters, though they're probably more like these high-fashion items). Close enough.

Anyway, The Daily Howler is raining scorn on the socks story, though he doesn't engage this report. My position: Who cares? What I'd like to know is, in general, what was taken and why.

[Sock-blogging and Ketchup-blogging in one night? You need a vacation -- Ed. I'm not sock-blogging -- I'm blogging about not sock-blogging! . . .Riiigghht. --Ed. No, really. Now this is sock-blogging. A shameful thing. But sexy camisoles are another matter entirely. . . . I'm heading back to Kaus's. It's getting too exciting over here. --Ed. Good luck. He's got socks, too!]