July 16, 2004


The rumblings about VP Cheney are still out there and I'm willing to concede that they may all just be talk and rumor to liven up a slow patch in the election cycle. I don't think so, though. Right now, the scoop is that Cheney is "playing a key role" in making the list of candidates to be the new CIA chief. The last time I remember the Vice President playing that sort of key role was in 2000 where he headed the vice presidential selection committee and, well, look where he is now.


UPDATE: On the other hand, Howard Kurtz is twitting Big Media's obsession with Cheney rumors: "It would be one thing if there was an active GOP campaign to replace Cheney, as there was a dump-Quayle movement in '92 (which got about as far with Bush's dad). But all this for a rumor? Aren't rumors the sort of thing that major newspapers tut-tut when tabloids or Web sites tout them and thus force the rest of us to pay attention?"

Since I think I'm the one who started the whole thing, back in 2002 (scroll down), I think I'll just keep quiet.