July 15, 2004

A BUNCH OF PEOPLE have sent me this link to a report on suspicious goings-on in the air, reminiscent of what actor James Woods noticed in August of 2001. I don't know if it's reliable, but with reports like this one it's hard to ignore.

And if it is true, it certainly reflects badly on Homeland Security.

UPDATE: It makes this discussion more relevant, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Related report here. Something's going on, but I don't know what it is. Meanwhile some people think the first report is a hoax.

MORE: James Lileks observes:

I tell you, something like this happens on a big scale – lots of planes dropping out of the sky, half the country is going to ask for detention camps. All because we didn't dare delay or inconvenience self-professed bands of Syrian "musicians" because it might suggest we were (gasp) dispositionally suspicious of a dozen Syrians clutching violin cases. Is profiling a good idea? Read the piece, put yourself on that plane before you answer the question.

It makes me wonder why any sane man would run for president in 2004, given what he might face. “Mr. President, New York has suffered an atomic attack.”

“Call the Security Council, and tell them – oh. Right. Is there still a UN?”

“It’s sideways in the river.”

“Hmm. Well. Is the League of Nations still answering the phone? I seem to remember they kept on a skeleton staff. Mostly janitorial. But we’ll have to make do.”

Or something like that.

MORE: Interestingly, a couple of readers have emailed with somewhat similar stories. I'm not sure what this means -- could this be some sort of training for law enforcement, rather than terrorists? Seems rather, um, obvious if it's terrorists. Then again, they were spotted before 9/11 -- it's just that no one realized what they were spotting.

More skepticism here, but those of you following links into to this post should note that Michelle Malkin has confirmed the essential details.

More thoughts, and a related report, here.