May 02, 2004

LYING LIARS AGAINST THE WAR: That would be antiwar activist and fake military veteran Micah Wright, whom the Washington Post describes thusly:

In the Style section last summer we profiled a Los Angeles writer named Micah Ian Wright, who'd just published a shrill antiwar poster book called "You Back the Attack! We'll Bomb Who We Want!" In his book, he described himself as a veteran of combat, a former Army Ranger whose experiences during the 1989 invasion of Panama turned him into a peacenik. In interviews with The Post and other media, he played up that background.

Wright, it turns out, is a liar. He never served in the military -- and confessed that last week to his publisher, Seven Stories Press, after we insisted on evidence of his service. Pursuing a tip from real Rangers who'd never heard of Wright, we filed three Freedom of Information Act requests with separate Army commands -- and last month finally confirmed that Wright never served.

Military blogger Greyhawk has observations:

Say whatever you will about the war, war is a brutal endeavor and no one desires peace more than the soldier. Say what you will about the president, by virtue of birth in America you have the freedom of speech that so many GIs have died to give you. But don't you dare claim brotherhood with me, and don't presume to speak on my behalf, or on that of any imaginary GI you believe thinks like you do.

Michele Catalano is less gentle. And she and Greyhawk are running a contest. Also, Jim Treacher offers a lesson.

UPDATE: Interestingly, a blogger was on this story back in July.