April 15, 2004

ROBERT TAGORDA looks at some 1995 Congressional testimony by Jamie Gorelick and concludes that her problems are worse than is being reported:

Given the circumstances back then, Gorelick probably made the right decision. But that's beside the point. The issue is whether the media should be examining more closely her past statements and current commission acts. It's whether her hypocrisy -- being "especially aggressive in questioning Bush administration witnesses," as the Times points out, while having a history of staunchly defending the wall -- is undermining the credibility of the proceedings. It's whether she's unfairly using the benefits of hindsight to attack Republicans while saving herself from similar scrutiny. It's whether she, in fact, should also testify before the panel.

Indeed. Meanwhile Tom Kean seems conflicted, vowing transparency while telling people to stay out of the Commission's business.