April 09, 2004

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY UPDATE: A lot of people have emailed me with various questions.

Do I like Photoshop CS? Yes, though I've only scratched the surface of its capabilities. Will it import images from the D70 in RAW format? Yes, though the RAW plugin isn't optimized for the D70 yet -- they're promising an update soon. The results look pretty good, but I haven't examined them closely.

Am I still happy with the Nikon? Yes. (Don't buy it via the Amazon link above, though, as for some reason it's showing a price of $1999 for the camera-and-lens combo, which is absurdly above what you'll pay even at a mall store). Am I happy with the "kit" lens that came with it? Yes, it seems like a quite respectable zoom lens for the money. I also bought a Nikkor D 50mm 1.8 normal lens -- it's sharp, it's bright, and it's dirt-cheap at under a hundred bucks. I'd like the 10.5mm fisheye, but I've blown enough bucks for now.

Memory: I bought a 512MB card, which I managed to fill entirely on my trip Wednesday. I'm reluctant to go bigger, though, because I like being able to archive a whole card on CD. I guess I'll get another. I hope the price keeps dropping.

How do I feel about the software? The included "Picture Project" isn't much. The "Nikon Capture" software that came included as a "trial version" is version 4; I need to update it to 4.1 but haven't yet. I'm comfortable working in Photoshop, though the Capture offers a few features that Photoshop doesn't, I'm told.