March 02, 2004

HERE ARE SOME SPRING FLOWERS, shot Sunday during my run at Lakeshore park. Sadly, it poured rain most of today, though it was pleasantly warm. I guess I'll continue to credit the terraforming efforts.

I've been posting a lot of photos lately because, well, it's my blog and I like to do it. I've felt a bit guilty about it, since it's pretty self-indulgent, and there are a lot of better photographers out there, but people seem to like them fairly well. Each has generated some positive email, and no complaints.

I used to be a very serious photographer -- my senior essay was a photo essay with text loosely (very loosely) modeled on Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, though I'm no Walker Evans or James Agee. (But my office overlooks James Agee's street!) And I worked briefly as a professional photographer before going to law school.

Once I got to law school, though, my interest in photography, or at least my motivation to do anything about that interest, largely dried up. It's been coming back lately, and I'm very happy about that. I hope you don't mind my occasional self-indulgence in posting some photos. Like most of my artistic endeavors, the proper assessment is probably (in Mark Tushnet's words about someone else's efforts) "Not bad -- for a law professor." But that's okay.