February 18, 2004

HUGH HEWITT played John Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony on Vietnam on his radio show yesterday and remarks:

I played John Kerry's 1971 testimony on the radio program, and the response was intense. The first two hours brought scores of calls and e-mails which denounced Kerry for his slander of the military that served in Vietnam and for his understanding of the war. Kerry has thus far successfully dodged a discussion of the specifics of his testimony, and it was very hard to find the audio --it took my producer Duane considerable digging to find the tape.

The impact of actually hearing Kerry slander the military--his accent is unbelievable, and his tone of arrogance and condescension repulsive-- is powerful, and I do not believe he can serve successfully as Commander-in-Chief given the reactions I heard from veterans and currently serving military.

Hewitt links to a text version, but unfortunately the audio isn't available. I hope that someone will put the audio online so that more people can listen and decide for themselves.