February 12, 2004

DRUDGE is reporting a Kerry intern-infidelity bombshell will sink his campaign. Is there anything to it? Beats me. Stay tuned. My one fearless prediction: "JFK" jokes will abound.

UPDATE: Josh Claybourn suspects Chris Lehane's hand in this. If so, isn't Kerry sure to get the nomination?

ANOTHER UPDATE: Steve MacLaughlin is following reactions to this story, and reports that:

The Dean Blog has been on fire with comments and the John Kerry Blog has comments full of back-and-forth between Kerry and Dean supporters. The John Edwards Blog has comments that read like kids on Christmas morning.

Big Media, so far, seem to be holding back on this one. Of course, it's only been a couple of hours.

MORE: Yep, looks like a Lehane operation.

STILL MORE: Kaus has posted now.

And now Wes Clark is endorsing Kerry? That seems rather, um, odd, though Capt. Ed thinks he knows why.

MORE STILL: When this post went up, there was nothing but Drudge's cover page. But this later Drudge post makes it sound as if the woman worked at AP.