February 06, 2004

JAMES LILEKS mentions Animotion's Obsession video, but what he doesn't tell you is that you can see it on the Web here. I love his description of lead singer Astrid ("who looked like a thermometer on which someone had glued two basketballs"). He also disses Yes, which would constitute an insult to Doug "InstaLawyer" Weinstein (cousin of Yes member Trevor Rabin and -- weirdly -- also a distant Kennedy cousin, which is some sort of bizarre world-bridging feat) except that I think Trevor was still playing with Cinema when Owner of a Lonely Heart was made.

But he likes The Romantics' What I Like About You, which I love, so all is forgiven.

UPDATE: Numerous Yes fans have already emailed to say that, er, yes, Trevor Rabin is playing on Owner of a Lonely Heart. Er, James, you really don't want to cross Doug. He's the J. Noble Daggett of the 21st Century. But now here's a musician who really isn't getting the respect he thinks he deserves.