January 07, 2004

GOT DAVE CLARKE'S NEW CD, Devil's Advocate. I've only listened through the whole thing once, but I like it a lot, though it's a bit cold overall. The reviews called it "electro-Goth," but I think the reviewers were overly influenced by the packaging, which I think is a straight send-up of the Spinal Tap black album. The actual tunes aren't especially goth-y. The best tunes are the two featuring Chicks On Speed on the vocals, "She's in Parties" and "Disgraceland." The latter is especially witty, though like a lot of witty songs it may not sustain repeated listening. (And I love the title, which is also the name of a record label here in Knoxville, though I doubt Dave knew that). If you're into techno with a capital "tech," you'll probably like this album. And it inspired me to the realization that blogging is a lot like producing techno, something I may post more about later.