December 16, 2003

MORE LACK OF MORAL SERIOUSNESS FROM THE VATICAN: Robert Tagorda is more respectful of this stuff than I would be. I'll just note that they're showing more concern for Saddam Hussein than they probably would for Joanne Webb.

UPDATE: The World Wide Rant is also unimpressed with the Vatican's take on this issue.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Outright -- and dead-on-target -- mockery here.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Professor Bainbridge calls this pretty appalling, and Justin Katz observes:

The world is not all dignity and affronts to dignity. There are sin and repercussions, too.

Unfortunately, for some people, the world is all about dignity and its affronts. By all appearances, Cardinal Martino is one of those people.

I thought that Lauryn Hill's remarks were grandstanding when she made them. But now I think she can claim a bit of vindication.

MORE: Damian Penny: "I should apologize to my Catholic readers for saying this, but compared to the way the Vatican has coddled the criminals within its ranks, then yes, I must admit Saddam is being treated pretty roughly."

STILL MORE: Reader Bill Reece emails:

As a Catholic who is rather disenchanted with the Church, I am probably not the most "objective" person to comment on the good Cardinal's statements, but I am truly appalled by his solicitous concerns for a monster like Hussein. Perhaps if the Church were as acutely aware of the affront to dignity that many of its priests have inflicted on the innocent young children who are under its care, then the good Cardinal's comments might be taken a little more seriously. Sadly, the Church is far more solicitous in its concerns for the likes of Saddam Hussein (and for that matter, Francis Geoghann) than it is for innocent children.

It does seem that way at times, doesn't it?