December 11, 2003

TOO BEAT TO BLOG: Flew up to Washington for the day, to talk to the EPA Science Advisory Board about nanotechnology. Just got back. More on that later. Now, to bed.

But while I'm gone note that although the New York Times completely dropped the ball on the Baghdad anti-terror protests, the Rocky Mountain News had a columnist and a photographer there. Advantage: Rocky Mountain News! Military blogger Iraq Now has an interesting report from the marches, too.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis isn't impressed with the Rocky Mountain News piece. Yeah, as one of Jeff's commenters notes, it's from the "the reporter is much more important than the story" school. But give 'em credit -- at least he was there. Meanwhile, in defense of ABC News reader Caleb DeuPree emails that Peter Jennings did cover the protests on 12/10, though there's nothing on the ABC News website.

Also, somebody sent me some pictures of communists marching in the Iraqi antiterror march, and suggested that I'm thus hypocritical for supporting them. But unless I'm mistaken, the communists aren't the primary organizers and backbone of these protests -- as the Stalinists at A.N.S.W.E.R. most assuredly are with regard to the U.S. "peace" marches. If they were, no doubt the American left would be more supportive. . . .

Oh, and there's one other difference -- the Stalinists from A.N.S.W.E.R. were demonstrating in support of fascism and terrorism. At least these guys are taking the opposite position. You'd think that would matter to some people -- but you'd be wrong if you did.