November 17, 2003

INSTAPUNDIT GETS RESULTS: Last week I called attention to the rather laughably anti-Bush agenda of a workshop sponsored by the International Society of Political Psychology. This week, according to John Ray, they're saying that members are departing in droves, as this letter from the ISPP's President reports:

It is readily understandable why reservists and Gis would decide not to reenlist, but a puzzle to me that scholars in our field would not "reup" in ISPP. We haven't invaded anybody, searched unsuccessfully for weapons of mass destruction or kept combatants from other disciplines locked up without even access to their professional journals. I am therefore baffled that many of you have not renewed your membership, and write to urge you to reconsider.

I, for one, find it "readily understandable" why people don't want to maintain their membership in an organization as trivial and politicized as this. And that, of course, means that I don't deserve any credit. Organizations that trivialize and politicize themselves tend to lose members. And they tend to be mocked on InstaPundit. But correlation isn't causation.

UPDATE: Reader Karl Bade emails:

Apparently, ISPP President Lebow thinks snide mockery is an effective method of getting people to re-up their memberships. What does this say about his grasp of political psychology?

Heh. The letter as a whole says rather a lot. The first premise of political psychology is apparently to assume that everyone holds the same political vews that you do.