November 11, 2003

CORI DAUBER DECONSTRUCTS KATIE COURIC on Iraq polling data, which she says Couric misrepresents:

Look what she's done there. She uses the question about the president's handling of Iraq as if it is the only available proxy for people's attitudes for whether or not Iraq is worth the cost -- when in fact, there is specific on point polling data that speaks to that question. Remember, by 58 to 38, the Washington Post poll shows people thinking it's worth seeing Iraq through even with continued casualties.

Another attempt to convince people that, whatever they think, other people think Iraq isn't worth the cost now.

Yes. We're seeing a lot of that sort of thing. Glad it's being pointed out.

UPDATE: Reader Leslie Spiller has abandoned The Today Show because of Couric:

I have a confession to make: this morning I turned on Good Morning America... and I watched it without once changing the channel. That's big stuff for me because I have watched NBC morning news, especially the Today Show, for years. However, my disgust with Katie Couric has been deepening daily and this morning I just couldn't go there again.

What happened to her, anyway? She used to be (at least appeared to be) charming, fresh and down-to-earth. She used to do decent interviews that actually involved real give-and-take dialogue. I guess when she got the whopping big pay raise she got the mother of all egos to match.

To me, she has become smug, self-righteous and downright smarmy. Salon-tanned, highlighted, porcelained, Simonized and buffed to a high sheen -- she appears totally unnatural. Blech. And she doesn't do interviews any more -- instead she gives passionate, theatrical monologues and *occasionally* allows the person about whom she is giving the monologue one or two words to agree with her pronouncements. Cripes, she steers her "interviewees" so blatantly that you can practically see the training wheels and handlebars attached. There is no flow -- just torque, and lots of it. Even more disturbing, time and again she has shown deep personal biases, most strikingly against GWB and the war in Iraq in her selective use of polling numbers (for example, your post at and "facts" (hah). If I'm going to get editorial opinion instead of solid news reporting, I wish the networks would make it clear from the outset that's what they're delivering.

Yes, the networks all show some bias -- but Her Lip-Glossiness has gone way over the top. This is NOT what I turn on the morning news for.

Heaven help me, on November 11, 2003 I became a GMA gal. I hate having to give up my Al Roker and Matt Lauer -- but I just can't stomach That Woman any more and I refuse to turn on the Today Show again until she reenters the atmosphere -- let alone lands on Planet Earth. Care to join the boycott?

I'm already there.