November 10, 2003

MATT LABASH REPORTS that "Rock the Vote" is lame and uncool.

Of course it is.

UPDATE: So I got to thinking: If I were a candidate, what would my 30-second spot for "Rock the Vote" look like? Probably something like this. I might wear a tie, though.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Former TV critic Jeff Jarvis reviews my commercial: "Sounds like the Gore campaign."

Ouch. Well, there's a reason I'm not a candidate. Er, actually there are lots of reasons. . . . And at least I didn't try to rap, or anything.

Still, not much of a debut. Guess I'd better fire my Campaign Manager!

MORE: Reader Colin Fraizer emails: "Instawatchers want to know: was this filmed with the XL-1S, the GL-2 or the unnamed Sony?"

Actually, it was filmed with the Toshiba. Not bad for video from a digital still camera. I even used the built-in microphone, not an external one.

STILL MORE: Hey, I picked up Dave Winer's endorsement! Well, sort of.