November 09, 2003

OVER AT WINDS OF CHANGE, Dan Darling has more on the Riyadh bombings -- and it's long, link-filled, and informative.

UPDATE: Sullivan thinks it's overreach by Al Qaeda.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Virginia Postrel writes: "I wonder if Al Jazeera had its usual gory pictures?" She notes that its English-language web coverage (falsely) says the bomb targeted expats.

Yeah, if you had much doubt about where Al Jazeera's sympathies lie, the coverage of this story should lay it to rest.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader John Chilton thinks I've over-read Virginia's post and the Al Jazeera story:

Again: a "compound of ARAB expatriates."

As an American living in the UAE I have become well aware that the Gulf States are full of expats both western and Arab. Terrorists want to get rid of all expats regardless of whether they are westerners, Arabs, or those from the sub continent. Expats simply refers nonnationals of any nationality. It goes on to highlight this quote from a survivor: "This is a crime against Arabs and Muslims and innocent people and those who carried out this evil act are defiling Islam"
And it shows a picture of a bloodied male victim who could be an Arab.

Hmm. Either I misread this entirely or it's changed. More likely it's the former. I apologize for the error.