November 04, 2003

KIM DU TOIT says that we're all wimps.

I don't have time to write the lengthy response that this calls for, so just go read it and see what you think yourselves. But what's interesting is that much of his analysis parallels (if more profanely) this article from Salon by Kim Morgan.

UPDATE: Hmm, speaking of "wimp" -- Kim's server is, um, not big enough to handle the traffic from this link. He asks me to post a notice pointing out that he's having trouble, and to suggest that you try later. Happy to oblige.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Seems to be working now. Celinda Lake and some other Democrats want to win over "NASCAR dads." But can they really do what it would take? Maybe they should hire Kim du Toit as a consultant. Naomi Wolf won't be able to help them with this. . . .

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Rob Smith has thoughts on manhood.

Meanwhile, Spoons and his readers weigh in on Kim's post.