October 07, 2003

MICKEY KAUS offers a personal exit poll. Read it!

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan is happy, and thinks this presages a revolution in politics. I'd like to see that, but I'm not so sure.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Here's a firsthand report from a reader at Arnold's HQ last night:

A couple of quick observations from a long-time reader after spending a couple of hours at the Century Plaza Hotel where Arnold's campaign party was tonight:

1. Arnold's crowd doesn't look or act at all like typical California Republican supporters. They are younger and about 1000 times less dweeby/uptight/Babbit-y than the Republicans I remember turning out at events like this when I worked putting on events like this 10 years ago.

2. The crowd was genuinely friendly, polite and well behaved. [By way of contrast, a staffer's nightmare at events like this is the Podunk County party chairman or donor who thinks that their $500 donation entitles them to an uninterrupted half-hour with the candidate, etc.]

Well, Arnold did bring in a lot of new voters. But will they stick around for next time?