September 10, 2003

JOHN SCALZI WEIGHS IN on the whole "cottage industry" topic, and notes:

Glenn speculates on some of the consequence of home workers (safer neighborhoods because burglars would never know when people were home, for example), but glosses over one of the primarily sociological aspects of self-employment, which is that those of us who are self-employed tend to become prickly DIYers who largely want to be left alone to do their own thing -- i.e., vaguely libertarian. It's like we all turn into New Hampshire Yankees or something. I don't know if will translate into something perceptible, politically (Glenn leaves the politics aspect for a future column), but I sure know my capacity for BS in its myriad forms has lessened since I started working for myself, and that definitely informs how I vote.

Yes, I think that will be another column.