August 01, 2003

I PREDICT THAT JAMES TARANTO will have a field day with this story:

The Reuters news group and one of its US subsidiaries is being sued for racial discrimination over allegations that a "white, public school attitude" tolerated and encouraged a racist environment in which black employees were abused and persecuted.

The class action announced yesterday alleges that black employees at Radianz a US-based internet services subsidiary of Reuters were forced to work in "an outrageous, patently offensive environment". One black employee was repeatedly referred to as "my nigger" by a white supervisor and was sent racially offensive emails, the action alleges. . . .

Asked if he thought it would have happened if the management had been American, he said: "There are plenty of American companies where racism happens but I think it would have been less likely that it would have been done on such a wide-scale basis."

Just remember: one man's racist is another man's exponent of Aryan purity!

UPDATE: Kevin Drum finds my comment above "disgusting."

Sorry, Kevin. But Reuters repeatedly says that terrorism is a question of opinion.

I dare them to defend this suit on the basis that racism is merely the same. They won't, and that's because they're hypocritical. Among other things.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It seems that Kevin must not read Taranto, and was unfamiliar with the Reuters "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" line. That's discussed in his comments, which have devolved into a discussion of whether it's racist to call me "instacracker" and a dispute as to whether I'm "windy" or whether I no longer write anything except links.

Why choose guys? I'm good enough to do both at once!