July 14, 2003

ON FRIDAY I POSTED THIS ITEM linking to a column by Judge Gilbert S. Merritt of the Sixth Circuit, who discovered evidence of an Osama/Saddam connection while in Baghdad.

Here's a followup on that item, from Stephen F. Hayes of The Weekly Standard. Hayes' piece suggests that U.S. authorities are being extremely cautious in drawing connections between Al Qaeda and Saddam. You can read more here on the subject of Saddam/Osama links -- just keep scrolling. And here is a story on the subject from the Saturday New York Post.

Meanwhile, Judge Merritt says he's been gagged by the U.S. government. What does all this mean? I'm really not sure. But I think this story deserves a lot more attention than it's gotten.

UPDATE: Here's an item listing numerous articles from 1999 indicating a connection between Saddam and Osama. It would be more impressive if it included links, but I assume the quotations are accurate.