July 08, 2003

MISSING 727 UPDATE: StrategyPage has more:

July 7, 2003: Following-up on the June 13 report about the missing Boeing 727-200, a British newspaper carried Canadian pilot Bob Strother's report that the plane was spotted on June 28 in Guinea's capital Conakry. It had been repainted and given the Guinean registration 3XGOM, but at least the last two letters of its former tail-number, N844AA, were still showing. The plane was reportedly now owned by a member of West Africa's Lebanese business community, used to shuttle goods between Beirut and Conakry. Since being sighted, the plane has again taken off into the unknown.

However, there is growing doubt amongst Africa's pilots that this Conakry Boeing is the same aircraft as the missing 727-200.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Reader Jeffrey Lindermann notes:

It seems to me that, with our president in Africa, the missing 727 takes on added importance. Since 9/11, we all know how planes can be used as weapons. I presume security is tight, but I hope Bush's security patrol is watching the skies.

Tom Clancy, call your agent. Of course, Clancy has been right before. . . .