April 26, 2003

GOOD GRIEF: The Santorum affair has inspired Saturday morning blogging from Andrew Sullivan. Not unprecedented, but unusual.

People have been emailing me saying that Andrew's gone over the edge on this one, and apparently they've been sending him the same thing because his post is in reply to those concerns.

Perhaps because I'm not gay, or perhaps because I'm more cynical, I haven't been as exercised as Andrew. Santorum's comments were dumb, and so, in my opinion, is support for sodomy laws. But it's not a surprise to me that there are people in the GOP who think that way. (Actually, there are Democrats who think that way, too, they just keep their mouths shut.)

My own feeling is that when I look at certain Democrats I like the Republicans, and when I look at certain Republicans I like the Democrats. That's why I'm a proud member of the anti-Idiotarian party.

UPDATE: This post by Virginia Postrel is worth reading.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader wonders why I'm "sniping" at Andrew with regard to things like Friday-night and Saturday-morning blogging. I'm not "sniping" -- I'm "ribbing." Kind of like the post I meant to put up earlier suggesting that Stephen Green enjoy his rest.