April 07, 2003

STALE, FEISTY ANGLES: Newsweek's "Conventional Wisdom Watch" dated today ("Iraqi Quicksand Edition") gives Dick Cheney a down arrow with this blurb:

Tells "Meet the Press" just before war, "We will be greeted as liberators." An arrogant blunder for the ages.

Meanwhile reader Christopher Garrett emails a link to this story from the Chicago Tribune, also dated today, and headlined "10,000 Cheer: Saddam is no more!"

Not as bad as TV Guide's touting of Peter Arnett last week, but close. But have no fear: CW watch also offers this blurb for blogs:

Internet diarists, both here and abroad, offer fresh, feisty angles. Beats Aaron Brown every time.

And Newsweek, too!

UPDATE: Then there's this: People's Plea: Kill Saddam!

Many of Saddam Hussein's elite Republic Guard last night were on the run out of Baghdad as the American forces pushed into the city's heart.

And the populace took to the streets in support of the liberators, hundreds lining the streets imploring them to "kill Saddam".

Hmm. I wonder if I could get Cheney to autograph the CW piece?