March 20, 2003

DOUG "InstaLawyer" WEINSTEIN took some pics of the rather lame protest at the federal building here in Knoxville. I believe that they managed to turn out a lot more people -- though still not that many -- for the previous Gulf War. I think the anti-war movement is dying, for lack of a rationale. Note the dummy sprawled on the pavement. I don't know what that signifies. I guess I could suggest that it stands for the movement, but that would be needlessly cruel. (There are a few more people off to the right, shown in some other pics, but not many).

Doug'll have more pictures on his site a bit later. I'm hosting 'em for him on my server, since he's blogspot-only, the poor bastard.

UPDATE: Doug's got his pictures up now. Here's a link, though of course the one above works, too.