March 20, 2003

CHIRAC UPDATE: Via Armed Prophet, I find this hilarious story:

President Bush and French President Jacques Chirac may not be phone pals anymore, but that didn't stop Chirac from discussing Saddam Hussein, the war in Iraq, and other serious issues with another famous American: Jerry Lewis.

Except it turns out that the man who had a five-minute phone conversation with Chirac last week wasn't Lewis, but rather a Los Angeles DJ impersonating the comedian. A source at KROQ 106.7 confirms that ''Kevin and Bean Show'' entertainment reporter Ralph Garman got through to Chirac by claiming to be France's most loved American funnyman -- a prank that has the real Lewis considering legal action. ''Jerry is outraged that this impersonation occurred, especially at this critical time in the conduct of foreign policy,'' Alan Isaacman, Lewis' attorney, tells ''These are life and death matters, and the last thing that's needed is someone getting involved in this situation in a false manner. It's reprehensible and irresponsible, and we intend to pursue the appropriate remedies.'' (KROQ declined to comment on the hoax.) procured a tape of the phone call, during which Chirac assured Garman, ''I recognize your voice, no doubt about that'' and talked freely about why he isn't supporting an attack on Iraq.

Sounds like Lewis needs to develop a sense of humor, here -- but then, I suppose, he'd lose his popularity with the French. . . .