March 06, 2003

IS OSAMA NEXT? Here's a story suggesting that he may be in Baluchistan, and on the verge of capture. I'm somewhat skeptical, since I still think he's probably dead, but some other folks seem to think that this story may be true. Could it be that the interminable delays on the war have been caused by efforts to round up top Al Qaeda leaders first? Could it even be that, as Austin Bay suggests, the war buildup has been, in part, designed to smoke out Al Qaeda?

Meanwhile Gotham seems to have confirmed Salam Pax's report from Baghdad that Uday Hussein (Saddam's son) is in Belarus.

UPDATE: Hmm. I wonder if this means we've got him?

ANOTHER UPDATE: &c rounds up the evidence pro and con. I remain skeptical, but we'll know soon enough.