February 20, 2003

ASSASSINATIONS AND ARRESTS OF OPPOSITION FIGURES: All in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez is making it more obvious that he's a dictator.

If it were "all about oil," we'd have invaded there already. If it's about human rights, then the time is coming. . . . And where are the "human rights" groups? Not making the kind of noise they'd make if a U.S. ally were involved, that's for sure.

UPDATE: Here's more. Also here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Randy Paul points out that human rights groups have complained. But, as I say, it's not the kind of noise they'd make in other circumstances. Compare the attention to this with the attention that Guantanamo got, for example, or the complaints about Israel.

But here, via Randy, is a link to Human Rights watch's comments. Not bad -- but after the way the various human rights groups postured prior to the Afghanistan invasion and over Gitmo, it's going to take a lot to impress me with their evenhandedness.