December 16, 2002

STEVE SAILER'S DISSING ME, over the Lott affair, though I have to say that his disrespect hasn't stopped him spamming me with emails in the past in the hopes of getting some attention.

I don't like Sailer's stuff, or his anti-immigration site for reasons that should be pretty obvious. I'm not surprised that he's sticking up for Lott. That he's doing so reflects badly on Sailer. And on Lott.

The good news is that, beyond the fringe, America seems to have outgrown this stuff.

UPDATE: In fairness to Sailer, I have to admit that he's dead-on in saying that fast typing is the secret to my success. Kids: stay in school, and take typing! Thanks, Mrs. Pack -- I owe it all to you.

ANOTHER UPDATE: In response to an email from a reader, no, I don't think that an opposition to illegal immigration is necessarily racist. And, in fact, legal immigrants are often notable for their hostility to illegal immigration -- having jumped through the hoops themselves, they naturally resent those who bypass the hoops entirely.