December 12, 2002

KEN LAYNE on Trent Lott:

The current administration, whether you love it or hate it, is arguably the most diverse administration in White House history. There are blacks, whites, Jews, Asians, Texans, Latinos, women, men, even an Afghan leading policy in Afghanistan. And we're not talking about junior staffers. We've finally entered an era in which you can't dismiss someone's fiscal/political politics by calling them a racist ... save for those hippies who call everything and everyone racist. They're beyond help.

Lott is an ugly reminder of mid-20th Century American history, when a person's state/party affiliation told you if they believed black people were subhuman. That he's scheduled to lead the U.S. Senate in 2003 is an outrage. He's never done anything but graft federal money to Mississippi and embrace these old-timey racists. He's an Old South unreconstructed supremacist in a New South world. Get rid of him. He's an ugly distraction.

Think he'll last through the weekend?