December 11, 2002

NEAL BOORTZ says Trent Lott must step down as Majority Leader:

Lott’s apology was so weak. Both of them were weak. Somehow he just couldn’t bring himself to say that the platform of the Dixiecrat Party in 1948 was anti-American and an abomination to our Constitution. He just couldn’t bring himself to say that each and every citizen in our country is entitled to equal protection under our laws, and that the legacy of segregation is a point of shame, not a point of celebration.

There are many fine Republicans in the U.S. Senate who could serve as the Senate Majority Leader without the racial baggage. The bulk of the Republican agenda carries favorable implications for black Americans .. but how in the hell does the party expect to attract black members and voters with Trent Lott drawling on and on about what a good president Strom Thurmond would have made?

And scroll down for some more good advice for Republicans regarding women.