December 09, 2002

MAYBE I SHOULD RETHINK MY POSITION: Jesse Jackson is calling on Trent Lott to resign as Majority Leader.

Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Meanwhile, Greg Barto warns against an orgy of political correctness:

As a Republican who has watched Trent Lott excel even Bob Dole in flushing my party's opportunities down the toilet, I'll shed no tears if he's ousted. But I'd hate to see the rest of my party follow him as the Post and Times ferret out other ill-thought remarks by Republicans, while playing down such as Cynthia McKinney's remarks about Jewish conspiracies and Bush's part in 9/11 until she's driven from office.

Well, so far the Times has been too busy with golf.

UPDATE: Silent Running says that I'm making too big a deal out of this:

Having actually seen the video of the event, it seemed more reminiscent of somebody's loudmouthed used car salesman uncle getting up and saying 'a few choice words' - and the 'sprit of the event', the context was jovial, joking, and meant to be a light hearted celebration of a remarkable achievement. The majority of the 'speechifying' was along those lines.

Hmm. Well, okay. Assuming this is true, is that what a Senate Majority Leader ought to be like? Somebody's loudmouthed used car salesman uncle?