October 24, 2002

EUROPEAN SOPHISTICATION: Collin May reports that -- since Zimbabwe is under sanction for human-rights violations -- "Europe’s foreign ministers have decided to move a meeting with the Southern African Development Community from Denmark to Mozambique. The reason for the move is simple: to accommodate the foreign minister from that pillar of humanitarianism, Zimbabwe."

As May writes: "In this case, however, the Europeans, under threats by other southern African nations of boycotting the meeting in Denmark, have not only ignored the ban, but are actively doing all they can to assuage the whims of the dictator by moving the entire venue.

So, who’s playing rogue state now? I’d write a satire about the whole thing, but this seems to be one of those times when reality itself mocks even satire."

And European politicians wonder why Americans don't pay attention to their pronouncements?