October 04, 2002

JIM HENLEY REPORTS that another shooting is now said to be connected to the earlier shootings. Sorry -- this looks like terrorism to me. And Jim's last observation is troubling.

This would seem to add a bit more support to reader Ken Price's theory.

UPDATE: Justin Katz suggests an Oregon connection, though the evidence isn't especially strong in my opinion.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Tucker Goodrich invokes Pipebomb Boy from last spring and notes:

Just 'cause it looks like terrorism doesn't mean it can't be one of our many home-grown, garden-variety nut jobs.

Besides, the guy's a good shot: to my mind, that argues for home-grown. The al-Qaeda don't seem to be very competent, with a few exceptions.

Yes, though many excellent shots are found among the Afghans. And, of course, home-grown terrorists might well be working hand-in-glove with Saddam Hussein and/or Al Qaeda; they tend to agree on a lot of things, like hating the Jews. Heck, you might even be able to find some Lefty terror types who hate the Jews nowadays -- and the Black Panthers, with whom just-arrested Al Qaeda suspect Patrice Lumumba Ford has a connection, have a tradition of excellence where firearms are concerned.