September 26, 2002

BELLESILES UPDATE: Here's an article from History News Network analyzing the likely outcome of the Bellesiles investigation in light of Emory's internal rules for discipline. The short version: (quoting an anonymous Emory professor) "Bellesiles is toast." A whitewash is seen as unlikely:

If the Investigative Committee or Emory should bring forth a slap-on-the-wrist decision which many perceive to be a whitewash, Emory will reap a whirlwind. If it thinks it will rid itself of the Bellesiles controversy by so doing, the probable response by the press, Emory alumni, Emory students, as well as members of Emory's own History faculty would doubtless show that such an approach was sadly misguided.

I agree. There was a point at which a whitewash might have saved Emory bad publicity (though in light of the formidable evidence against Bellesiles, that's debatable) but regardless, we're well past that point now.