September 24, 2002

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY'S STUDENT UNION IS IN TROUBLE over a student handbook that is described as a "call to intifada, anarchy and revolution."

The book, Uprising,

is a virtual glorification of worldwide revolution, containing articles advocating Canadian flag-burning and calling for a Steal Something Day.

"Stealing is just. Theft is exploitative. Stealing is when you take a yuppie's BMW for a joyride and crash into a parked Mercedes, just for the hell of it," the article reads.

A poem in the handbook calls on students to "take arms for the revolution… rise up….. gripping like a fist….. smash the state…."

Smash the state -- but keep those subsidies coming! How lame.

UPDATE: Courtesy of reader Andrew Zeppa, here's a link to a PDF version of the book. If you're interested, you should look fast -- it might not be up for long.