September 23, 2002

IT'S NOT ACTUALLY A "FISKING," BUT this tart reply to Al Gore's latest speech pretty much puts him away. Especially the response to Gore's Jesse James remark.

All I have to add is that Jesse James, who is allegedly (without much actual evidence) an ancestor of mine, stood up for "the people against the powerful," and I'm surprised to hear Al speak of him in such a negative fashion.

UPDATE: Henry Hanks points out that Gore was singing a different tune not long ago. And Susanna Cornett isn't impressed:

Overall, Gore’s speech is an effort to pander to the left while reaching for the center who believe a war is the right thing. His allusions and accusations are targeted at bolstering his statesmanship, but do so only at the cost of denigrating his own country. If anyone is behaving in a calculatedly political manner, it would be Al Gore.

She's got a link to the transcript.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Oliver Willis is defending Gore. Meanwhile, Scott Ott offers a hometown perspective and reader IMoby writes "I think this speech means Gore is running.... for the job of German Justice Minister." Well, the position is available.

LAST UPDATE: Matthew Hoy asks: WWGD? And former Gore voter Rick Heller is reminded of the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

I LIED, THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE: Okay, even Patrick Nielsen Hayden seems to think I was seriously defending Jesse James's honor. Uh, no. Sorry -- it seemed obvious to me that it was tongue-in-cheek, but I guess it wasn't.