September 19, 2002

SHELF LIFE: I just went to the Yahoo! account that gets the reader-response mail from my FoxNews columns, and to my surprise there was a bunch of mail responding to this column on the dumb Biden/Hatch "RAVE Act" from back in July. In fact there was more mail on that one than on the column for today. It seems to be circulating on the dance/rave/techno mailing lists.

I hope people are writing their Senators, and not just me.

UPDATE: Reader Evan Benoit writes:

Saw your post about your column on the RAVE act getting a lot of mail. It's probably because Buzz, Washington DC's best rave night, was forced to close today. It was one of the best nights on the east coast, had been going on for years. Closed after a police/military investigation, etc.

Here's the link to the press release, which he was kind enough to send.