September 16, 2002

I SUSPECT THAT AL JAZEERA REPORTER YOSRI FOUDA is being made an example of. Fouda refused to cooperate with U.S. intelligence, so (according to a Bloomberg report that someone emailed me, and that doesn't seem to be on the Web) they tapped his phone and captured Ramzi Binalshibh anyway. Now Fouda is in bad odor with, well, a lot of people.

I imagine that, had he cooperated, his name would have been left out of the reports. I also think that this is bad for Al Jazeera in general. Notice how many people who have given interviews to Al Jazeera have either (1) disappeared without a trace; (2) been killed; or (3) been captured?

You'd almost think that Al Jazeera was a stalking-horse for the CIA.