September 15, 2002

WHIGGING OUT purports to find a Democrats/Al Qaeda connection based on the Buffalo Five all being registered Democrats. Seems a bit of a stretch to me. I think that his real point is more along these lines:

After Oklahoma City, Republicans were forced to dress in sackcloth and ashes and parade around as if people who wanted tax cuts and limited government helped load explosives into McVeigh's truck. While there was of course no connection between the GOP and McVeigh, the argument for the abovementioned Islamic/Democratic connection is far more compelling, and needs to be examined without fear of appearing conspiratorial.

He's right about the way McVeigh was used -- there's an interesting discussion of it in George Stephanopoulos' White House memoir, which reports that Dick Morris was behind it, and wanted to do even more.

After the Hilliard, McKinney, and McKinney defeats, though, I don't think many Democrats are going to be doing anything that might make them look close to Al Qaeda or radical Islam in general.

UPDATE: Oliver Willis emails to say that he's surprised I gave credence to the Democrats / Al Qaeda connection. Hmm. I thought I was debunking it. I don't even think that Whigging Out means it seriously. I saw him (I think it's a him) as using the opportunity to twit the Dems for how Dick Morris used McVeigh -- and there's nothing imaginary about that.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Whigging Out has posted a clarification.