September 12, 2002

CHARLES JOHNSON has an eyewitness report from the Pro-Palestinian riot at Concordia University in Montreal. Hanan Ashrawi will speak today at Colorado College, and though there will probably be demonstrations, it's highly unlikely that she'll be silenced by an angry mob.

Yet we keep hearing that it's America where unpopular views are being suppressed.

UPDATE: Meryl Yourish emails:

This letter is totally for publication.

I normally never question how another writer writes his weblog, nor do I usually ask people to stick a certain label onto a certain action. But the events of the horrible anti-Jewish protest at Concordia University, where Holocaust survivors were surrounded, spat upon, and kicked, can hardly be said to be called a "pro-Palestinian" riot. Throwing pennies at Jews is an age-old anti-Semitic tactic; it has nothing to do with protesting the situation in the Middle East. This was done by the so-called "protesters." The riot didn't seem to have as much to do with
protesting the Palestinian situation as it did taunting and tormenting the Jews who came to hear Netanyahu. So let's call it what it was: An anti-Jewish riot.

You don't have to, of course, agree with or follow my suggestion. But I will refer to it only as an anti-Jewish riot in the future, and even went back and changed my entry from 9/10 to reflect that.

I wonder why they managed to prevent such an outburst in Toronto, but couldn't seem to do so in Montreal?