September 09, 2002

OVER THE WEEKEND I MENTIONED Eugene Volokh's post on VH1's creative editing that turned boos for Hillary Clinton into cheers. I notice that Jay Caruso has found out something else: Viacom gave Hillary $37,000 for her campaign. He wonders: "So, she gets money and (one) embarrassing episode in her life whitewashed. Let's see how she reacts to legislation down the road that affects Viacom."

Of course, I suppose one can make too much of these contributions. Caruso also notes: "Clinton received $38,500 from the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis. Sound familiar? They should. It's the same firm where Ken Starr is a partner."

UPDATE: Oops. $37,000 was a typo -- the proper amount for Viacom is $32,700. It's probably also worth clarifying (you'll see this if you visit the OpenSecrets page, of course) that though people speak in shorthand about contributions coming "from" Viacom or K&E, they of course came from people who work there, since such entities can't give directly to candidates.