August 05, 2002

MATT DRUDGE has picked up on the Ted Turner land grab story. Still no word from Doonesbury (which is savaging only Republican billionaires today), Michael Moore, Molly Ivins, et al.

UPDATE: Reader Ken Summers writes:

Apparently, Mr. Trudeau doesn't realize (or doesn't care and has decided to lie about it) that most of the bigwig dotcommers were Democrats. Gray Davis took in a hell of a lot of money from Silicon Valley, and not just from Larry "The Dumpster" Ellison.

Funny, that. My guess is that this is based on ignorance, not dishonesty -- Doonesbury seems to have been stuck in 1981 for, oh, about 21 years. But it's lame either way -- which Doonesbury has also been for about the same length of time.

Me, I wish he'd take out after Joe Biden, Fritz Hollings, Harold Berman, and all the other corporate-whoring Dems who are carrying the entertainment industry's water in exchange for huge campaign contributions. But I'm not holding my breath. Trudea is One Of Them now, even though he pretends not to be.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jeez, did I say stuck in 1981? Judging by this strip from yesterday he's stuck in 1971! Next we'll see Ahmed, the cute'n'friendly Al Qaeda terrorist, a rehash of Phred, the cute'n'friendly Viet Cong.

In retrospect, knowing what we know about the Viet Cong, Phred was equivalent to Horst, the cute'n'friendly brownshirt. But Trudeau seems to be a living embodiment of Baby Boomer generational narcissism.