June 22, 2002

EGYPT IS TRYING TO GET NUCLEAR WEAPONS, according to reports noted by Charles Johnson. And maybe Saudi Arabia, too.

You know, the arguments for a return to colonialism that I so snidely dismissed last fall are looking better all the time. I shudder to think that things may come to such a pass that Ann Coulter will be looked upon as prophetic, rather than deranged.

UPDATE: Charles Austin emails: "She might be both. Most prophets are."

Meanwhile reader "Reinhard Heydrich, Jr." writes:

The fact that israel has nuclear weapons doesn't trouble you at all.

Why should Egypt or Saudi Arabia having the same weapons make you uneasy ?

Some questions answer themselves. As do some questioners. But to state the obvious, I guess it's because I'm not worried that the Israelis will smuggle nukes into New York.