May 03, 2002


HATE MAIL OF THE WEEK: I think that this one is in relation to the posts on interracial marriage earlier in the week, since it comes from a reader named Lou Zurr who has sent me several emails on that topic. But here's the email in its entirety -- you figure it out:

I'm always amazed by whigged-out guys like you who think we can fill America up with Guatemalans and Chinese and various Islamotrash and still have a republic. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that overpaid academics have a lot of exciting new restaurants to go to even in Knoxville. But the first thing that will happen when white folks become a minority in the U.S. is that we will get a de facto dictator running things; and the second thing is that they'll start killing all the Jews...and when they run out of Jews they'll start in on constitutional-law professors, even if they find them savoring the tasty dishes in exotic restaurants....
It is, of course, definitionally impossible for me to be overpaid. But I think that people from anywhere can make good Americans if they buy into American ideals. And I think that people born here who don't buy into American ideals are just as much a threat as the foreign-born people who don't.

UPDATE & CORRECTION: It's Louis, not Lou. And he writes: "Technically, however, it wasn't hate mail. It was vexed and snarly mail."