May 17, 2002


READER PHILIPPE RAMOFF writes from France, and he's very offended by my post (below) about the BoycottFrance.Com website. He also sends a link to this story in which Woody Allen compares the filmmakers' boycott of Cannes to Nazi methods, which he apparently feels bolsters his case. I'm unimpressed. Allen isn't boycotting Cannes because, frankly, his career is not at a point where he can afford to boycott Cannes. He's hoping for a comeback. Allen's odious comparison does him no credit, to put it mildly, nor is Allen generally regarded as a source of moral leadership.

Ramoff also asks: "And, maybe you may explain some day, which collective sin made us, french, mourning for your forgiveness?" Well, there's a topic the Blogosphere could work on all day. But it's the consistent practice of siding with terrorists (at least so long as they don't strike French citizens), the denunciations of American policy, and Americans, as "simplistic," the tolerance of Islamic extremism, synagogue burning, and antisemitism, the description of Israel as a "shitty little country," etc., at least for a start, that have people interested in boycotting France. The BoycottFrance.Com site has more information.

As I mentioned in my post, France may actually be coming around. I'm hopeful, but then I'm a well-known optimist.