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There are two things that we know about the next election, more or less: first, the Democrats [are] tanking among white voters. Second, black voters aren’t going to come out for a non-black Presidential candidate with the same intensity that they did for Barack Obama. Add those two together, and the end result looks very bad for the Democratic party.

And that’s why Hillary Clinton is still being propped up by the Democratic establishment: she’s the most prominent female politician that they have right now. I personally don’t think that she’s going to be able to recreate Barack Obama’s 2012 performance when it comes to white women voters, but former Secretary Clinton has a better shot at it than pretty much anybody else. …And that is, as they say, pretty much it.

Martin O’Malley.

TAKE THAT, HILLARY: O’Malley: No one’s ‘inevitable’ for 2016.

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-Md.) on Sunday scoffed at the notion that any Democrat was a lock for his party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

“History is full of times where the inevitable frontrunner is inevitable until they’re no longer inevitable anymore,” O’Malley said.

Former first lady Hillary Clinton is widely considered the party’s frontrunner heading into 2016.

O’Malley also criticized the idea of presidential dynasties in politics. He said that neither Clinton nor former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.), a likely GOP candidate, were especially qualified for the Oval Office due to their family ties.

“The presidency is not some crown to be passed between two families,” O’Malley said, referencing earlier White House administrations under Bush and Clinton’s relatives.

The former governor also said Americans craved a president who better represented their interests.

“We need a president who is on our side,” he said.

Well, it would be a change. But isn’t pointing that out kinda racist or something?


Deleted emails were part of the findings. The allegations of academic misconduct and impermissible benefits were the focus of the NCAA’s investigation.

According to the termination letter, Tyndall acknowledged on March 16 that he deleted the emails that “could have been relevant to the NCAA’s investigation of Southern Miss and/or compliance with the NCAA rules,” and “at minimum, the deletion of those e-mails created an appearance of significant impropriety.”

“The University believes that it’s highly likely that the Committee on Infractions will find that violated NCAA bylaw 19.1.1 identifies ‘failure to cooperate in an NCAA enforcement investigation,’” the termination letter stated.

Nah. It’s not like she held an important job.

SO FROM THIS WE CAN TELL THAT WHATEVER WAS IN THE EMAILS WAS REALLY, TRULY AWFUL: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean. Because it had to be something that would look worse than this. And this looks terrible.

AND, AS WITH “BAN BOSSY,” IT’S BECAUSE THOSE WORDS DESCRIBE HER PERFECTLY: Here Are The Words Hillary’s Supporters Won’t Let You Say. Hmm: Polarizing, Insincere, Entitled, Calculating, Disingenous. . . . Well, yeah, I can see why Hillary supporters don’t want those words used.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Report: Homeland Security official used improper influence in visa cases involving prominent Democrats. “The No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department improperly intervened on behalf of foreign investors seeking U.S. visas in three cases involving prominent Democrats, including a company run by the youngest brother of likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the agency’s inspector general said Tuesday.”

DICK CHENEY: Obama to blame for Islamic State in Iraq, warns against nuclear Iran.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday night said President Obama “abandoned” Iraq despite warnings of chaos from Pentagon advisors, and the result is that “now you’ve got [the Islamic State] controlling a third or more of the country.”

In a forceful foreign policy address that was cheered at a fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Cheney also declared that America must never let Iran get a nuclear weapon.

Just a reminder: As late as 2010, things were going so well in Iraq that Obama and Biden were bragging. Now, after Obama’s politically-motivated pullout and disengagement, the whole thing’s fallen apart. This is near-criminal neglect and incompetence, and an awful lot of people will pay a steep price for the Obama Administration’s fecklessness.

Related: National Journal: The World Will Blame Obama If Iraq Falls.

Related: What Kind Of Iraq Did Obama Inherit?

Plus, I’m just going to keep running this video of what the Democrats, including Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton, were saying on Iraq before the invasion:

Because I expect a lot of revisionist history over the next few months.

Plus: 2008 Flashback: Obama Says Preventing Genocide Not A Reason To Stay In Iraq. He was warned. He didn’t care.

And who can forget this?

I’D RATHER SEE THE MEDIA END ITS SUBSERVIENCE: Ron Fournier: 5 Ways To End Hillary Clinton’s War On The Media. Of course, as someone noted on Twitter, when Hillary said she wanted an “open relationship” what she really meant was that they would both screw other people. . . .

WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE A STORY THAT EVEN THE TELLER WON’T STAND BY? How are we supposed to handle sexual assault accusers who won’t cooperate?

The story Jackie told was easy to discredit — her friends denied her account of a conversation between them, the fraternity didn’t hold a party the night in question, and even the supposed date she had that night was a fictitious person. But the police still wouldn’t close the case because something could have happened to Jackie and maybe one day, if she decides to cooperate or someone else comes forward, justice can be done.

But the situation brings up an interesting question: How should we handle accusers who refuse to cooperate, especially when their word is the only evidence available?

At some point, isn’t the collective societal good supposed to overtake the good of the individual? Isn’t that the liberal way?

Let’s say something horrible did happen to Jackie, something so terrible that she would rather tell a false story about a gang rape from phantom fraternity brothers than the truth. That would mean there’s a monster out there who could harm other students, other women. And if she is the actual victim of something, she’s not helping herself or other students who could be future victims.

Advocates who claim women should be taken at their word may continue to support an accuser’s right to proceed — or not proceed — with an investigation on her own terms. That could mean giving a statement to a college administrator, or to the police, or doing nothing at all. And that might be acceptable for the single accuser, but there’s a larger population in danger.

Sometimes, when an accuser refuses to cooperate with an investigation — even by a school — the case is dropped. This happened with Columbia University student Paul Nungesser. One of the three women who accused him of sexual misconduct stopped cooperating with the university and her accusation was dismissed.

Other times, an accuser’s word in the absence of other evidence is used to expel an accused student, as was the case with Joshua Strange, even when police couldn’t indict.

Of course, such behavior from the universities leads to lawsuits and headaches, and is one element in the current national debate over campus sexual assault. But as more lawsuits from accused students come in and are settled, more due process will have to be afforded to these students, resembling a more formal police process. And if, ideally, these cases are handled by the police, an accuser’s refusal to tell her story or provide any clues as to what happened will be a detriment to the case.

This isn’t about justice. This is about preparing the battlespace for Hillary 2016′s “war on women” narrative, and the preparers don’t care who gets hurt in the process: men, or women.

BUT OF COURSE: Hillary Doesn’t Take Questions After Speech Promising Open Relationship with Press.

ED DRISCOLL: The Giver: A Chilling Cinematic Peek into Hillary Clinton’s Infamous Village. “When people have the power to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time.”

AN ED DRISCOLL TOUR DE FORCE: Springtime For Hillary! “Has Hillary nailed down the name for her camps yet? Why not go with a proven winner, such as ‘Strength Through Joy’?”

SHOCKER: Hillary Clinton Promised To Disclose Foundation Donors, But Didn’t.

EXCLUSIVE! MUST CREDIT INSTAPUNDIT! Exclusive inside video of the prototype for Hillary Clinton’s proposed mandatory fun camps!

MICHAEL GERSON: Hillary Clinton’s Nixonian Path To The Oval Office. Nixon wouldn’t have dared to do what Hillary feels entitled to.

CAMILLE PAGLIA EXPLAINS WHAT’S WRONG: “Whether the subject is feminism or the fate of Western civilization, Paglia is no Pollyanna. In this wide-ranging discussion, she says higher education is going to hell, the Fourth Estate is an epic FAIL, millennials are myopic, contemporary criticism has croaked, and Hillary Clinton might singlehandedly destroy the universe. Even Madonna, once Paglia’s ideal of sex-positive feminism, seems to have lost her way.”

APRES MOI, LE DELUGE: A reader emails:

One interesting angle on BHO’s double-down lame duck presidency that I’ve not seen anywhere is that he clearly couldn’t care less about positioning his putative successor for a win in 2016. I can’t think of a sitting president (in my memory at least) whose VP was not considered a serious candidate, if not the heir presumptive. (For all their mutual disdain, Bill Clinton was willing to do whatever it took for Gore, who was so busy distancing himself from Clinton, he failed to notice that folks didn’t care.) I don’t think he’s clever enough to be going through the Left’s wish list (“mandatory voting!” “amnesty!” “free community college!”) to allow Hillary to position herself to his right the better to appeal to the median voter.

I suppose that it fits within the (1) “He’s above politics, man” meme that gets floated as well as the (2) he’s an insatiable narcissist, which are two sides, perhaps, of the same coin.

Maybe this is being discussed and I just don’t visit the right websites.

Not as much as it might be. Good point.

SO IS THIS STEALTH PRO-HILLARY SPIN? Older Really Can Mean Wiser. “The picture that emerges from these findings is of an older brain that moves more slowly than its younger self, but is just as accurate in many areas and more adept at reading others’ moods — on top of being more knowledgeable. That’s a handy combination, given that so many important decisions people make intimately affects others.”


FROM REMY: The New Hillary-Approved Email Server.

ASHE SCHOW: Five harsh realities of campus sexual assault from a feminist former judge.

Nancy Gertner’s feminist bona fides can hardly be questioned. A college friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gertner is well known for her staunch defense of women in court.

She has won prestigious awards for her women’s advocacy, and called her memoirs In Defense of Women: Memoirs of an Unrepentant Advocate. A liberal in good standing, she was appointed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts by President Clinton at the recommendation of Sens. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

So what made such a staunch feminist advocate think twice about the current climate revolving around sexual assault on college campuses? It happened when her law firm took the case of a young man Gertner believed to be wrongly accused of rape even though a grand jury indicted him. In the case Gertner described, the man was accused 10 months after the encounter by a woman whose story constantly changed and was contradicted by witnesses.

Factual consistency is an oppressive tool of the patriarchy. If a woman feels that she’s been raped, then she’s been raped, misogynists!

Related: Campus activist: Sometimes people need to ‘reflect’ before realizing they are victims.

KEVIN WILLIAMSON: Hillary: A Monster Of Our Own. “Mrs. Clinton is at the moment looking somewhat short of clever. President Clinton not only survived his worst scandal but positively thrived off it, because his response hit his conservative tormentors in their most vulnerable spot: their reputation for being scolds and prudes, hypocritical sexual obsessives, etc. Mrs. Clinton’s response to the e-mail controversy, conversely, finds her repeatedly punching herself in her political nose, giving the impression that she is too old and out of touch to understand how e-mail works, that she is curdled, that she is the unslick half of the couple, that she does not have what it takes to do what her husband did to his rivals. She isn’t winning because she does not look like a winner to Democrats seeking a champion.”

VIDEO: Dem congressman anxious to talk about anything but Hillary emails.

INFLECTION POINT: Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Benghazi investigating committee, concedes that there is reason for the continuing inquiry.

Plus, from the comments: “It would appear that Cummings is alluding to some very unpleasant revelations are about to come out and that somehow they will make Hillary look very bad and Obama will be portrayed as a ‘victim’ of her incompetence, mendacity or whatever.”

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS: Hillary’s Crime: Section 1001.

THIS SEEMS TO GO WELL WITH THE DOWD PIECE JUST BELOW: Imagining Scott Walker vs. Hillary Clinton.

Out walks Clinton and Walker. They shake hands and Walker offers his arm as they walk over to the podiums. The image of a boy scout walking a senior citizen across the street comes to mind. Throughout the debate, she calls him Scott; he calls her Mrs. Clinton. She really is old enough to be his mother. Whenever she talks about the 1990s, his team shoots out e-mails to the media reminding the press that in the 1990s, he was younger than Chelsea is now, but he didn’t get a six-figure deal from a TV network for doing nothing. It’s the opposite of 2008, when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) looked grandfatherly and harried in comparison to then-junior Sen. Barack Obama.

He talks about having to earn everything he’s gotten. Nope, he doesn’t have a famous name or rich friends or Ivy League degrees. He’s much like people all around America. He can’t believe the nerve of some politicians who act like the government belongs to them instead of the people. Three times he’s gone to the voters in four years and been honest and forthright about who he is, what he’s done and what he intends to do. He’s run a state successfully, effectively and transparently. There is no stench of corruption.

Plus: “The contrasts don’t end there. She helped create and still clings to the Obama administration’s failed foreign policy. Walker can tell the bad guys from the good guys.”

OUCH: Maureen Dowd: An Open Letter to “Since open letters to secretive and duplicitous regimes are in fashion, we would like to post an Open Letter to the Leaders of the Clinton Republic of Chappaqua: It has come to our attention while observing your machinations during your attempted restoration that you may not fully understand our constitutional system. Thus, we are writing to bring to your attention two features of our democracy: The importance of preserving historical records and the ill-advised gluttony of an American feminist icon wallowing in regressive Middle Eastern states’ payola.”


When the Rogue State of Bill began demonizing Monica Lewinsky as a troubled stalker, you knew you could count on the complicity of feminists and Democratic women in Congress. Bill’s female cabinet members and feminist supporters had no choice but to accept the unappetizing quid pro quo: The Clintons would give women progressive public policies as long as the women didn’t assail Bill for his regressive private behavior with women.

Now you, Hillary, are following the same disheartening “We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse” pattern.

That’s who they are. That’s what they do. And the apparat goes along because that’s who they are, and that’s what they do.

TIM CARNEY: Democrats’ racial, ethical headaches fueled by fondness for fundraising prowess.

Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid have caused enough ethics headaches for Democrats that you may wonder why their party sticks with them. And the party leadership’s vocal backing of Rep. Chris Van Hollen for Maryland’s open Senate seat — as opposed to the just-as-qualified and more liberal African-American Rep. Donna Edwards — alienates so many key constituencies that you may ask why it’s worth it.

The reason in all of these cases is money. These are three of the Democrats’ best fundraisers, and a good fundraising haul for the party will buy you plenty of indulgences in the Democratic Party.

Indeed it will.

HILLARY CLINTON: Still Not Ready For Her Closeup.

A HILLARY SPECIALTY: SENDING WOMEN TO ATTACK OTHER WOMEN. Confused Hillary advisor claims Carly Fiorina a front for Republicans who hate women.

PETER SUDERMAN: Hillary Clinton’s Excuses For Her Use of a Personal Email Account While At State Are Falling Apart. Rule of thumb: If the coverup is this embarrassing, what’s being covered up must be much worse.

WELL, YES: Hillary’s Email Scandal Is About Privilege. Rules are for the little people!

WELL, SURE. SHE’S SHOWN HER FACE AND SPOKEN IN PUBLIC: WaPo: Gallup data shows Hillary favorability plummeting. “Her husband is one of the most naturally-gifted politicians of his generation, but Hillary is most decidedly not. Bill feels your pain; Hillary, as I wrote after her press conference on Tuesday, feels her own entitlement — and it shows.”

ROGER SIMON: I Stole Hillary’s Emails. Complete with incriminating photo.

PEGGY NOONAN: Hillary Seems Old And Tired.

HMM: If Jeffrey Epstein’s Non-Prosecution Agreement Is Overturned, Clinton Ties To Teen Sex Ring Could Be Exposed. “While Bill and Hillary Clinton may have cut off Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire convicted pedophile friend of Bill’s, Epstein’s chief procurer of teens for sex with Epstein and his A-list sex crime cronies, a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, remains an intimate of the Clintons and is running a program funded by the Clinton Slush Fund a.k.a. The Clinton Foundation.”

I THINK BARACK OBAMA MAY HAVE MENTIONED THIS A WHILE BACK: Ashe Schow: Hillary’s Problem Is That She Just Isn’t Likable. “She rarely takes questions from reporters and it’s easy to see why. She doesn’t like being questioned. The more she’s questioned, the more unlikable she becomes.”

Related: Mollie Hemingway: A Line Edit Of Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Email Press Conference. It’s an old-fashioned Fisking!

IT’S NOTHING COMPARED TO YOUR “JENJHIS KHAN” FLOOR SHOW, YOU PUTZ: Kerry: ‘Utter disbelief’ at Iran letter. Hey, Tom Cotton didn’t even pretend to throw his medals over the White House fence.

Meanwhile, a flashback to 2007:

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama led a field of Democratic presidential candidates offering their proposals to end the war in Iraq during a “virtual town hall meeting” hosted last night by liberal activist group

“All the happy talk will not change the grim situation on the ground,” Mrs. Clinton said, adding that she favors a withdrawal beginning within 90 days. “If President Bush won’t end the war in Iraq, when I’m president, I will.”

The New York Democrat also said she supports talking with Iran and Syria about Iraq.

“I applaud Speaker Pelosi,” she said, when asked about California Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Syria, despite objections from the White House.

Mrs. Clinton declined to say whether she would support a bill cutting off funding for troops in Iraq if Mr. Bush vetoes the current Senate supplemental-funding bill, which includes a timetable for withdrawal.

So, like I said, shut up, putz. Nobody respects you: Not the Iranians, not Americans (on any side), and most clearly, not President Obama, or he wouldn’t have put you in this absurd position.

SHE’S LIKE CATNIP TO SLEAZY DEMOCRATIC POLS: “Indiana Democratic lawmaker forced to apologize for sexting with the same woman who was at the center of Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.”

From the comments: “Miss Leathers’ correspondence with Hillary was personal, and those emails were deleted.”

MICKEY KAUS: “Looking for Hillary alternatives: Has Sheryl Sandberg ruled out running for President? I don’t think so.” Well, her latest oped, telling men to do the dishes, may not help with the coveted white male vote. And it’ll do even worse with the nonwhite male vote.

UPDATE: From the comments: “The woman the Dems will anoint is Michelle Obama.” Well, she’ll lose the hungry-schoolchild bloc.

SEPARATION STATEMENT: Clinton was required to sign document claiming she turned over emails in 2013. “Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, like all departing federal employees, was required to fill out and sign a separation statement affirming that she had turned over all classified and other government documents, including all emails dealing with official business. Fox News Megyn Kelly reported Wednesday evening on the requirement and that a spokesman for Clinton had not responded to a request for comment, including an explanation of when the former chief U.S. diplomat signed the mandatory separation agreement or, if she didn’t, why didn’t she. . . . Kelly also reported that State Department regulations in place when Clinton resigned as secretary required all departing employees to return all official documents, including emails, to ensure that the department would be able to respond to Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests, as well as subpoenas in litigation. Failure to do so carries with it both fines and possible jail time.”

WAPO: Senior Dems “wringing their hands” about Hillary’s shrug.

NOT ACTUALLY ABOUT HILLARY: Chameleon Skin Is Amazing.

ADRIANA COHEN: Hilllary Email Statement Only Raises More Doubts. “If Hillary Clinton still wants to run for president, her lame excuse that she didn’t want to juggle two cell phones won’t win over many voters.”

USA TODAY EDITORIALIZES: Tired email excuses just don’t fly in the real world.

JOHN HINDERAKER: What Hillary Said, And What She Didn’t.


HILLARY’S STORY DOESN’T ADD UP: Hillary said she emailed with Bill, but the thing is … Bill Clinton doesn’t use email.

Plus, a reader writes: “Hillary said that server was first made for President Clinton and that it’s being guarded by the Secret Service. That sounds like the taxpayers funded its purchase, which makes it public property, and they are certainly paying for its protection.”

I SUSPECT THE REAL QUESTIONS WILL BE SOFTBALLS, CAREFULLY PRE-WRITTEN BY HILLARY’S STAFF: Ashe Schow: 18 questions for Hillary Clinton at her press conference. But these will provide a good comparison.

Related: Ron Fournier: ‘What are you hiding? What are you hiding? What are you hiding?’ And other questions for Hillary’s news conference.

UPDATE: Politico: Clinton press conference threatens to be a media fiasco.

ASHE SCHOW: Hillary Clinton tries to reverse history and be seen as women’s champion.

It took awhile, but it appears people are coming around to the fact that even though Hillary Clinton is trying to position herself as a defender of women’s rights, she really is no champion.

Two weeks ago, Hillary revealed that her presumed 2016 presidential campaign would be based on the fact that she is a woman. Almost no one seemed to notice.

Now, after three weeks of bad headlines involving donations from foreign governments with abysmal human rights records, gender pay gaps and an e-mail scandal, some in the media appear to be second-guessing her woman card credentials.

Amy Chozick of the New York Times published an article that appeared online Sunday titled “Hillary Clinton faces test of record as women’s advocate.” Her point is that as Clinton tries to “reintroduce” herself to voters as a champion of women’s rights, her namesake foundation takes money from foreign governments that deny women basic human rights.

Saudi Arabia, for example, has given the Clinton Foundation $10 million since 2001. In 2011, the State Department — still under Hillary — denounced Saudi Arabia for its “lack of equal rights for women and children.” As Chozick noted, common abuses against women in Saudi Arabia include “violence against women, human trafficking and gender discrimination.”

Hey, nobody’s perfect, and with the Clintons forgiveness is always available for a fee. Related: Does Hillary think America-bashing is necessary to discuss global women’s problems? Whatever brings in the foreign money.

Plus: Hillary Clinton is not as strong as media, Democrats would have you believe. Well, to be fair, she’s probably strong enough to beat Jeb.

YA THINK? Poll: Voters see Hillary and Jeb as old hat. And some GOP news:

The poll also showed largely positive perceptions of Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Fifty three percent of voters said they could back Walker, compared to only 17 percent that said they could not. Fifty six percent said they could support Rubio, while 26 percent could not.

Those two candidates sported the largest margins of potential support. Bush had only seven percentage points between those who said they could support him and those who couldn’t. Donald Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) all had significantly more voters say they could not back them.

Stay tuned. And, of course, all is proceeding as I have foreseen.

IT’S A POTEMKIN CANDIDACY ALL THE WAY DOWN: “She took no questions. When she sat down to lead more informal conversations with invited speakers, participants appeared to be reading from teleprompters.”

Where’d she get the Chairman-Mao-Meets-Star-Trek outfit?

UPDATE: From the comments:

Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates are giving advice to young girls on how to become successful, independent women?……

So, did they make a joking reference to “Marry the right guy” or did everybody just agree to totally ignore that, and how could anyone read the teleprompters with that giant elephant in the room blocking the view?


CRONY CORPORATISM: Mark Cunningham: Clinton, Inc. Is What’s Wrong With America. “It’s about getting stinking rich from the inside connections forged in a life of public service. It’s about using your ‘charity’ and your high government office as adjuncts of your political machine. It’s about refusing to play by the rules even as you want to set the rules for everyone else. . . . The great irony here is last month’s news from the Washington Post: Hillary’s consultants are busy working out her themes for 2016. Apparently, a big one is going to be ‘pushing for economic fairness.’”

BYRON YORK: Does Hillary email flap mean trouble ahead for White House? “So: Obama didn’t know, even though White House officials exchanged emails with Clinton. Is that possible?”

IT’S POTEMKIN BIOS ALL THE WAY DOWN: Flashback: Obama claims 1965 Selma march led to his birth . . . in 1961. My dad was there marching at Selma in 1965. Mitt Romney’s dad was there too, marching alongside MLK. Where was Barack’s dad in 1965?

And for that matter, why were Bill and Hillary Clinton no-shows at Selma this weekend, choosing instead to party with Pussy Riot in Miami?

2016: Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson Enters the 2016 Presidential Race. “Mr. Everson will have to overcome a tawdry sex scandal that resulted in his firing from his position as President and CEO of the American Red Cross.”

I’m waiting for the Ross Perot-type who’s supposed to siphon off votes from gullible disenchanted Republicans and hand the election to Hillary, but I don’t think this is the guy.

ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: A Better World, Run by Women: Male biology has brought the world war, corruption and scandal. Women are poised to lead us to a better place.

I know this is just more pro-Hillary battlespace prep — but Hillary herself is the best argument against this gauzy, dishonest thinking. And for that matter, it takes a peculiar sort of person to look at America today and conclude that its problem is too much testosterone.

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Huma Abedin: Clinton’s Unindicted Email Co-Conspirator.

THIS WHOLE “CHOREPLAY” THING IS BASED ON IGNORANCE, as science indicates that only “manly” chores get you laid. The science is settled: “The less gender differentiation, the less sexual desire.” You don’t want to be a science-denier, do you?

I think that what we’re seeing with pieces like this one by Sheryl Sandberg and LeBron James is foreplay for a Hillary campaign, science be damned. Meanwhile, guys, do you want to support a candidate for President who will have you washing dishes instead of getting laid? If you do, then Hillary’s your gal!

But, like Chelsea Clinton says, if you want true equality, you need to put a man in charge, not her mom. . . .

UPDATE: From the comments: “Excuse me but why is the COO of a major tech company taking to the pages of the New York Times to tell the opposite gender how to get laid? Why is this appropriate at all?”

NATIONAL JOURNAL: The New, Scary Question Facing Democrats: If Not Hillary Clinton, Then Who?

That’s a question that Democrats may have to begrudgingly ask themselves in the coming weeks, as a New York Times story about Clinton’s email use during her time as secretary of state—compounded with earlier reporting on the Clinton Foundation—roil Clintonland.

Clinton’s allies are already insisting the email story—that Clinton exclusively used her personal email address while at the State Department—is a nothing-burger. It isn’t news. It will blow over after conservatives have had their 48 hours of outrage. After all, it’s unclear whether Clinton actually violated any rules! Move along, nothing to see here.

But the story doesn’t make the Democrats’ only current hope look good. The news fits perfectly into the narrative that Clinton’s opponents are already trying to create: that she and her husband are secretive, less-than-scrupulous career politicians who are more interested in preserving their own power than being held accountable to American voters. In other words, that they are a real-life Frank and Claire Underwood.

But less competent, and less charming.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Chelsea Clinton: Men must ‘lead the way’ to gender equality.

During an interview with Fortune, Chelsea Clinton (daughter of Bill and Hillary, interviewer of computer-animated geckos) claimed that around the world men must be the ones to lead the way to gender equality.

“We’ve seen some real cultural normative shifts — and candidly it often has to be men who lead the way,” Clinton said when asked specifically about gender equality in Japan. “In countries where we’ve seen real declining rates in child marriage, of female genital mutilation, it has always been the result of a real cross-sector coalition [with men leading].”

Sorry ladies, it is not you who can bring about the change we need. It’s time for you to get out of the way and let the menfolk take over.

As always with the politics of the era of Hope & Change, The Onion got here first: Man Finally Put In Charge Of Struggling Feminist Movement.

After decades spent battling gender discrimination and inequality in the workplace, the feminist movement underwent a high-level shake-up last month, when 53-year-old management consultant Peter “Buck” McGowan took over as new chief of the worldwide initiative for women’s rights. . . .

McGowan claimed that one of the main reasons the movement enjoyed so little success in the past was that the previous management was often too timid and passive and should have been much more results-focused.

“You can’t waste time pussyfooting around with protests and getting all emotional about a bunch of irrelevant details,” McGowan said. “If you want to enjoy equal rights, you have to have a real man-to-man chat with the people in charge until you can hammer out some more equitable custody laws.”

“And don’t get me started on how disorganized and scatterbrained their old fundraising methods were,” McGowan added. “Let’s just say the movement never really had a head for numbers.”

The Onion: Not actually parody, so much as prescience.

MEGAN MCARDLE: Why You Should Care About Hillary’s Email:

What can Hillary Clinton have been thinking? On January 13, 2009, she — or, more likely, someone on her staff — registered a new domain: And for her entire term as secretary of state, she would use private e-mail instead of government accounts for all her electronic correspondence. She never even got a government e-mail address, which must have taken some doing, because in most organizations, those e-mail accounts are created before the new employee even arrives.

As Politico points out, keeping Clinton’s e-mails off government servers means that they were invisible to Freedom of Information Act requests about her communications with anyone outside the State Department. Her staff has turned over e-mails from the private account, but this is not the sort of job that should be performed by someone personally employed by Hillary Clinton. Decisions about what to turn over and what to keep private should be made by career government lawyers whose job comes from the agency, not Hillary Clinton.

It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that this was an attempt to avoid transparency and accountability for whatever it is she wrote. Such manipulations should severely hurt her presidential aspirations. Odds are, however, that Democrats will rally around her, because what choice do they have?

After all, power for the Party is more important than, well, anything. Plus:

That’s bad news for the country. It’s bad enough that our last two presidents developed a penchant for secrecy and executive overreach once they got their hands on the reins of power. But if Hillary Clinton starts at “flagrantly breaking transparency rules,” where can we expect her to end up?

Where, indeed?

ROGER SIMON: Email Eruption: Hillary Hidden Emails Multiply By Ten.

YEAH, THAT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT: The Hill: Modern media and the destructive representation of conservativism. “Whereas Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Hillary Clinton are all hailed for their various policy proposals, as well as their personal and professional achievements, individuals like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) are ruthlessly assailed for every quip or comment, be they contextual or otherwise.”

OUCH: If You Were a Member of the MSM, What Hillary News Would You Choose to Lead With This Week?

If you guessed Hillary Didn’t Pioneer The Pantsuit In Washington, DC, you’re a winner!

LAWS AND RULES ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Hillary Clinton’s State Department Fired Ambassador For Using Private Email. “State Department policy was very clear. Using a private email outside the State Department’s secure system was completely unacceptable. If this applied to ambassadors, one would think it was sensible policy for the Secretary of State as well.”

HILLARY CLINTON: Where Mean Girls Meets The Mob. “You all know the mantra by now: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party. It’s a point I’ve been making for nearly a decade now, and I think you’ll agree that what might at first have seemed outrageous is now practically conventional wisdom.”

HYPOCRISY ROADSHOW: Hillary Clinton still decrying gender wage gap despite paying women less.

Hillary Clinton is still decrying the gender wage gap, even though the exact same measurement of wage by gender reveals her own senate office to be a more egregious offender than the average American business.

During her speech Tuesday night at the Emily’s List 30th Anniversary Conference, Clinton, while discussing other issues women and families face in the workforce, brought up the wage gap.

“And it still is an outrage that so many women are paid less than men for the same work.”

Using the same metric as the study demonstrating the wage gap Clinton cited, women in Clinton’s senate office earned 72 cents to the dollar that men earned. The reason for this, of course, is not discrimination (Clinton’s spokesman told the Washington Examiner that many of the top positions in her senate office were held by women) but primarily the choices women tend to make in their careers. . . .

Clinton is trying to live by two sets of rules. On the one hand, she wants to argue that women in her office held senior-level positions and therefore the wage gap was due to reasons other than discrimination. On the other hand, she wants to maintain that it’s different for everyone else in the country — that women everywhere else are suffering from a wage gap mostly due to discrimination.

She can’t have it both ways by ignoring the many reasons why the wage gap exists.

Well, she can if the press lets her. And it’s likely to.

WELL-OILED MACHINE: Revelation About Hillary Clinton Emails Catches Democrats Off Guard.

The revelation that Hillary Rodham Clinton conducted government business entirely on a private email account as secretary of state has blindsided the Democratic establishment.

It was a bracing reminder of the risks entailed in the party’s all-but-all-in bet on Mrs. Clinton so early in the presidential nominating process. And it left Democrats contemplating the prospect of yet another long cycle of dramatic Clinton flare-ups — the type that President Obama obliquely campaigned against in 2008.

The report on Mrs. Clinton’s emails, published by The New York Times late Monday night, left many Democrats privately expressing wonder as late as Wednesday morning that Mrs. Clinton and her aides had not anticipated the political problems that this could create.

Huh. A lot of Dems have told me that Hillary is “as oiled as a Diesel train,” so I expected things to be slicker.

IT’S AS IF THE ONLY SECURITY SHE CARED ABOUT WAS SECURITY FROM FOIA REQUESTS: Associated Press: Hillary’s emails are on a homebrew server registered to a pseudonym.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Hillary fallout: Josh Earnest now basically arguing that official government e-mail accounts are optional; Update: For aides too?

Related: Uh oh: Even without media hand-wringing, Democrats worry Hillary is imploding. “The political press seems loathe to draw unfaltering conclusions about Clinton’s ability to serve as an effective campaigner, but Democrats with skin in this game are not displaying the same nonchalance.”

It’s sad when actual Democratic operatives don’t shill as hard as their counterparts in the press.

A STATE WITHIN A STATE: Source: Top Clinton Aides Used Secret Email Accounts at State Dept.

Hillary Clinton is defending her use of a private email address, hosted at, to conduct official State Department business by claiming that her emails were captured by official accounts that other agency employees were instructed to use to contact her. But according to a knowledgeable source, at least two other top Clinton aides also used private email accounts to conduct government business—placing their official communications outside the scope of federal record-keeping regulations.

“Her top staffers used those Clinton email addresses” at the agency, said the source, who has worked with Clinton in the past. The source named two staffers in particular, Philippe Reines and Huma Abedin, who are said to have used private email addresses in the course of their agency duties. Reines served as deputy assistant secretary of state, and Abedin as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. Both rank among Clinton’s most loyal confidantes, in and out of the State Department.

We were able to independently verify that Abedin used a address at some point in time. There are several email addresses associated with Abedin’s name in records maintained by Lexis-Nexis; one of them is An email sent to that address today went through without bouncing.

Hmm. Related: Oh the irony: Jay Carney, top Clinton advisor eluded to importance of Records Act. Well, for Republicans.

WAR ON WOMEN: Hillary Clinton Tries To Explain Away Her Office’s Sex Pay Gap. “During her nearly two terms as a U.S. senator, the median salary for women in Hillary Clinton’s office was much less than the median salary for men. As first reported by the Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher, women in Clinton’s office earned 72 cents to the dollar that men earned. That’s even less than the oft-cited (and highly misleading) 77-cent figure for all working women in the United States.”

But if the suggestion that Hillary was discriminating against women is “a ridiculous proposition,” as her spokesperson says now, then perhaps suggesting that such pay gaps result from discrimination elsewhere is also ridiculous.

WELL, THE GOAL WAS TO MAKE SURE HE DIDN’T APPEAR ON A 2016 REPUBLICAN TICKET: Petraeus reaches deal to plead guilty to misdemeanor but will likely not face prison time. Though now that Hillary has her own email-handling scandal. . . .

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: State Department Walks Back Claim On Clinton Foundation Review. “The State Department is stepping back from a spokeswoman’s comment last week suggesting that the agency’s ethics lawyers signed off on donations to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.”

Plus: Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email at State Department Raises Flags. ” Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, State Department officials said, and may have violated federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record. Mrs. Clinton did not have a government email address during her four-year tenure at the State Department. Her aides took no actions to have her personal emails preserved on department servers at the time, as required by the Federal Records Act.”

It’s like they were hiding something.

UPDATE: Hacked emails indicate that Hillary Clinton used a domain registered the day of her Senate hearings. “Examining the registry information for ‘’ reveals that the domain was first created on January 13, 2009 — one week before President Obama was sworn into office, and the same day that Clinton’s confirmation hearings began before the Senate.”

Sure seems like a deliberate attempt to evade federal law.

MIA LOVE: The Idea Of A Republican War On Women Is Absolutely Ridiculous.

Love, who spoke to the Washington Examiner after a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., said that the real issues facing Americans are not “gender specific,” but affect everyone.

“As a woman, I believe that I have the ability to … pay for and decide my own healthcare,” Love said. “I don’t need Washington to do that for me.”

She added: “I think that it’s actually insulting to claim that women can’t make decisions on their own, that they need a centralized government to make those decisions for them.”

In that respect, Love said, the war on women is really coming from Democrats.

“It comes from the idea that they’d like to separate us based on social status, gender, race, income levels,” Love said. “And we as Americans can’t allow that.”

Divide and rule has always been their strategy. Plus:

Love knows a little something about rising up from having nothing. Her parents emigrated to the U.S. from Haiti in the 1970s after fleeing from a ruthless dictatorship. They spoke no English when they settled in New York and, according to Love, had $10 in their pockets. Her father has expressed pride that he and his wife were able to support their family without welfare — just help from family members. It is that idea of community support, rather than government dependence, that resonates with Love today.

“I think that we, as Americans, need to trust people again,” she said.

Nonsense. We have Hillary — richer than Jeb Bush! — to tell us how to help the downtrodden. Hey, she’s worth 9 figures now, but she was “dead broke” in 2001. She knows about rising from nothing!

ASHE SCHOW: Mia Love discusses 2016 presidential field.

Utah Congresswoman Mia Love won’t say who she’s currently supporting for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, but she did say whoever it is should be “inspirational.”

When asked by the Washington Examiner how Republicans can combat the “war on women” narrative in 2016 against a possible Hillary Clinton candidacy, the freshman congresswoman said Republicans should be more focused on who they nominate than who they’ll be running against.

“We can’t think about — Hillary, as far as I’m concerned, is not even in the picture. I don’t even like mentioning the name,” Love told the Examiner after her Thursday panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “I think that we need to focus on who is going to be inspirational, who is going to talk about upward mobility and move Americans forward.” . . .

“Who is going to be the one that says ‘You know what? I don’t know it all, I trust the American people to make decisions. Give them the reins. Let them decide what healthcare they want. Let them control their lands. Let them educate their children. Let them be able to keep a little bit of their funds to take care of their families and their communities.’”

When asked if there was anyone she was currently leaning toward supported, Love punted.

It’s early yet.

WHY DID WE GET A SECRET INTERNET REGULATION PLAN VIA AN UNELECTED FEDERAL AGENCY? 61% Oppose Federal Regulation of the Internet. “Americans really like the online service they currently have and strongly oppose so-called ‘net neutrality’ efforts that would allow the federal government to regulate the Internet. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 26% of American Adults agree the Federal Communications Commission should regulate the Internet like it does radio and television. Sixty-one percent (61%) disagree and think the Internet should remain open without regulation and censorship. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure.”

Plus: “Americans remain suspicious of the motives of those who want government regulation of the Internet.” Good call.

Related: Hillary Calls for Regulating Internet: ‘It’s a Foot in the Door:’ Supports net neutrality.


SO WHY DID HILLARY, AND SUSAN RICE, AND EVERYBODY ELSE, KEEP LYING ABOUT A VIDEO AND GET THE FILMMAKER THROWN IN JAIL? Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack, E-mails Disclose.

MOLLY BALL: Does Hillary Clinton Have Anything To Say? “Everywhere Hillary Clinton goes, a thousand cameras follow. Then she opens her mouth, and nothing happens.”

Why do you think her campaign revolves around having a vagina?

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Reince Priebus: How can Hillary take a 3 a.m. phone call from a country that gave her millions?

n a Q&A session Thursday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus pointed out a potential conflict raised by the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of millions in donations from foreign governments.

“I don’t know how Hillary Clinton’s going to take a 3 a.m. [call] from a leader in Yemen or Algeria or Saudi Arabia when she was willing to have her foundation take potentially millions of dollars from those governments,” said Priebus, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Priebus raises a valid point. It will be difficult for Clinton to tell the American people that she will be tough on terrorism or fight for women’s rights when her foundation took money from countries with abysmal records on those issues and others.

Related: Carly Fiorina to Hillary Clinton: ‘Name an accomplishment.’

What has Hillary Clinton actually accomplished? She’s held many titles — first lady, senator, secretary of state — but what has she actually accomplished in any of those roles?

That’s what former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, a prospective 2016 presidential candidate, wants to know.

“Mrs. Clinton, name an accomplishment,” Fiorina said while addressing attendees at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Fiorina, who is considered a long-shot for the Republican nomination, has tried to break out from pack in early speeches by projecting the image of a strong and accomplished woman who can take the fight to Hillary Clinton.

“And in the meantime, please explain why we should accept that the millions and millions of dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Global Initiative from foreign governments doesn’t represent a conflict of interest,” she added.

Fiorina was referring to the recent revelations that the Clinton Foundation accepted millions in donations from foreign governments, including while Hillary was the secretary of state.

Fiorina then turned her attention toward Clinton’s own role in the supposed war on women.

“She tweets about women’s rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights,” Fiorina said. “She tweets about equal pay for women but won’t answer basic questions about her own offices’ pay standards — and neither will our president.”

Earlier this week, a report in the Washington Free Beacon revealed that while Clinton was a senator, the median earnings for women in her office was 72 cents to the dollar for men’s median earnings.

It’s begun.

CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Foreign governments gave millions to Clinton foundation while Clinton was at State Dept. “The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday. . . . Foreign governments and individuals are prohibited from giving money to U.S. political candidates, to prevent outside influence over national leaders. But the foundation has given donors a way to potentially gain favor with the Clintons outside the traditional political limits.”

So when she brags about all the air miles she logged, bear in mind that most of them were probably racked up while going to ask people for money.


Actually, a woman of a certain age. She’ll get a lot of support from other media women of her generation — see below — but I wonder if younger women will identify with her. She’s gotten where she is via marriage, after all, which is kind of old-fashioned. And, as the much-younger Ashe Schow notes: “Democrats have a huge problem with white male voters. If that group feels threatened by Clinton’s women focus and returns unusually large Republican margins, that will help the GOP nominee. If white male Democrats don’t think they’d be adequately represented by Clinton, they could stay home, while white male Republicans could be galvanized into voting against her.”

Meanwhile, the kind of scrutiny that Hillary is counting on:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.25.29 PM

DID HE FLY TO EPSTEIN’S ISLAND WITH BILL CLINTON ON THE “LOLITA EXPRESS?” State Department ‘Director of Counterterrorism’ Charged with Soliciting Sex from a Minor. Hillary’s State Department seems to have had a problem.

THINGS HILLARY ISN’T ASKED ABOUT: Charge: ‘Clintons turned the State Department into a racket to line their own pockets.’

TRIFECTA: 72-cents on the Dollar: Hillary Pays Female Staffers Less.

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THOSE MONEYBAGS BEHIND THE CURTAIN: CNN: It’s those darn Republicans that are making the Clinton Foundation’s foreign donations an issue.

There those dastardly Republicans go again with their insistence that the Clinton Foundation accepting millions of dollars from foreign governments is some kind of issue for Hillary in 2016.

That’s at least according to the spin of a CNN story headlined “GOP seeks to make Clinton Foundation a 2016 headache.”

Because apparently this is a non-issue that only Republicans care about.

This kind of bias has been a complaint of conservatives for years, when major news outlets report an unfavorable story about Democrats from the lens that Republicans care about it, not that the story itself has any merit.

Perhaps CNN reporter Alexandra Jaffe didn’t come up with the title, but the article’s lead suggests that “Clinton’s allies are insisting controversial donations to her eponymous foundation won’t be an issue for her probable presidential bid” and that it’s Republicans who are trying to make the donations an issue. . . .

And several Democratic operatives around the country also expressed dismay with the donations.

Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant, told the Wall Street Journal that if he were advising Hillary, “the advice would be that she should be the one who directs the foundation not to’’ accept donations from foreign governments — and to take that step “yesterday.”

Emily Jacobs, a Democratic county chairwoman in New Hampshire, said that Hillary needs to realize that, as a Democrat, “that is not something we stand for; that is nothing we believe in. … It’s not ethical.”

Kurt Meyer, a Democratic county chairman in Iowa said that the contributions appear to be a “curry-favor effort to get an advantageous seat on the bus with the next president of the United States,” which “scares” him.

It’s not a Clinton operation unless there’s tainted money involved, preferably from shadowy foreign sources.

WAR ON WOMEN: Analysis: As senator, Clinton paid women 72 cents for each dollar paid to men. No wonder Dems believe that number. In their world, it’s actually true!


SO MUCH FOR THE MEMORY HOLE: New media won’t let MSM forget: Hillary fed the ‘Obama’s a Muslim’ rumors in 2008.


The narrative is we have a chance to elect the first woman as president of the United States, something I think we should have done a long time ago.

I just don’t think it should be Hillary Clinton. There’s a lot of other women I can think of in the Republican Party who would be a much better alternative to that and some day will be. But if it’s a narrative like that, I think we run into trouble. If we shift the narrative, and I think, Hillary Clinton, you even saw with this story, with her book tour, the statements about her and Bill being broke when they came out of the White House. …You see the size of the fees she’s asking universities and colleges to pay, when you look at some of the other things, when she talks about not having driven a car in all those years, I get why that’s true, but it’s why I like to get on my Harley Davidson… every once in a while to drive myself and not have someone else do it for me. I just think those are all things that penetrate this out of touch persona. And to me to win I think the argument has got to be change it from a narrative of two personalities to Hillary Clinton represents Washington.

Said Scott Walker, on the important question of how the GOP candidate plans — or is willing to say he plans — to defeat the presumptive Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

REPORTED BY JAKE TAPPER, NO LESS: Hillary Clinton Says Obama Muslim Rumor Not True “As Far As I Know.”

OBAMA IS THE PATRON SAINT OF THE NEW CLASS, SO WHEN YOU ATTACK HIM, YOU’RE ATTACKING THEM: Rudy Giuliani Causes Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin to Spontaneously Combust. “After watching the brain of Dana Milbank of the Washington Post similarly explode like a character in Scanners, Jazz Shaw of Hot Air writes, ‘Milbank should at least be honest enough to wear a ‘Ready for Hillary’ t-shirt when he goes to work every day if this is how the upcoming election analysis is going to be handled.’”

ASHE SCHOW: Reimagining Bill Clinton’s Accusers In Today’s Society. Would a President Clinton in 2020 get away with her 1990s victim-blaming?

In the 1990s, with her husband’s political career on the line, Hillary Clinton and other supporters engaged in one of the most famous and well-orchestrated victim-blaming campaigns in recent history.

Would she and the Clinton machine get away with it today?

In today’s society, women who make sexual assault allegations are supposed to be believed outright. Men accused are considered guilty until proven innocent. In this environment, would a Hillary Clinton presidency be able to handle a Bill Clinton allegation the way it was handled nearly two decades ago?

For powerful Dems, the old rules still obtain.