February 6, 2014

REBRANDING HERSELF AS A LIBERTARIAN? KINDA LATE IN THE GAME FOR THAT: Wendy Davis Supports Open Carry Now? Seriously? “Davis’ campaign is in a tailspin after revelations that she embellished the origins story that was central to her campaign for governor. Wendy Davis needs a game-changer, or at least a subject-changer. And surprise! Wendy Davis is now in favor of open carry. . . . Davis is trying to defuse an issue before it becomes even more of a problem for her, and may be trying to raise her bottom-feeding F score from the National Rifle Association. But the reality is, her new position just creates new questions about her credibility. It raises the question of whether she can be believed on anything. Six months ago Wendy Davis wanted to do what the radical Travis County Democrats are doing. Now she wants Texans to believe that she’s for open carry? There is good news here, for gun rights advocates. Attacking the Second Amendment is a dead end in Texas.”