January 22, 2014

I GUESS OBAMA DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS WHEN HE ORDERED THE PULLOUT, BECAUSE HE HADN’T READ IT IN THE NEWSPAPER: Petraeus, Crocker predicted the violence now sweeping post-war Iraq in 2007.

Four-star Gen. David Patraeus and former Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker effectively predicted much of the conflict that is sweeping post-war Iraq in a 2007 report.

The report named troop withdrawal, an issue that has divided U.S. voters and politicians since 2004, as a major turning point in deciding state stability.

In the joint Petraeus and Crocker report, released Sept. 10, 2007, the pair questioned whether the divided country could withstand the inevitable sectarian violence that a majority-Shia led government was expected to take on, without the backing of substantial U.S. forces.

Haste makes waste. In this case, Obama’s haste to get out wasted everything that had come before.